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This will be a blog written by both Truman and Lisa from Trublutint, We are a family owned business based in Brisbane we have built up a reputation for the highest quality workmanship in window tinting, vinyl wrapping and aftermarket. We have an amazing social following although word of mouth is our best and strongest form of advertising . We offer free Quotes and advice. Our business is growing rapidly. We thrive on delivering the individual needs of every customer and unlike other tinting business's we are servicing Brisbane YEAR round. We believe that delivering a good service, catering to your individual needs will not only keep you happy but satisfied and confident with our product and services. Honesty, integrity, high quality and competitive price- they are the core values we have built our family business around. We stand behind all of the products we sell and continue to support grass roots motorsports through our sponsorship program.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Melanoma and Window Tint

Most people spend a large amount of time in front of their windows at home, travelling in cars to and from work and even in their workplaces, with a percentage of workers working directly in the sun every day. Did you know, Prolonged exposure to these UV rays can lead to the growth of cancerous cells referred to as Melanomas, this can be fatal.

Truman and I lost a dear friend to Melanoma a few years ago, he was in his mid 20’s, taken way too soon, he had a raised little bump on his cheek that turned into a very aggressive cancer. Since his death my business has proudly been involved with the Melanoma Patients charity bringing awareness to getting yourself checked out at the skin doctor regularly, no matter your age and how window films can ensure the effects of skin cancer caused by UV rays are greatly reduced, the films we use offer a 99%+ UV reduction, regardless of colour choice.  The decision to keep you and your family safe is an important one.

Apart from the home the amount of heat and glare coming through the windows in office buildings, will blow you away, I must get the actual stats for you but just imagine a glass fishbowl with the sun penetrating the glass and heating it up with enormous power, by adding window film to an office business can greatly improve productivity for the staff, don’t you think being able to see your computer screen is a massive plus right.  

Are you someone who works in a fishbowl? You will know what I am talking about. Make a suggestion to your boss. If you are in the South East QLD area, feel free to get in touch for your free house tinting quote :)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

5 Steps to narrowing down the best Window Tinter

5 Steps to narrowing down the best window tinter

When it comes to choosing a window tinter for your vehicle or home there are some very easy steps you can do to make sure you are getting a professional installer.

As a female in the industry I think I am a little more protective and vigilant about learning all about our the industry and the best friend you will ever have is google, yes! I GOOGLE everything.  Although Window Film is a retrofit item that can be removed, it is best to get the best the first time around to save the time and hassle of getting it retinted. So here I have some steps to help you make the right choice, of course this post is for those unable to get our services of course lol.

Step 1: Google the business name and see what comes up, are there any reviews, you can search just the business name or business name reviews which can come up with some results.  This might also give you the opportunity to see some images of past work and a chance to check any bad reviews.

Step 2: Put in their phone number into the search bar, you can also use a reverse number website such as reverseaustralia – you just simply put in the tinters phone number and sometimes it comes up with reviews others have left, Google is a great way of weeding out those short stay “Fly by Night” tinters.

Step 3: Go to http://abr.business.gov.au/ to look up their ABN – Always make sure the business has an ABN

Step 4: Ask if they have liability insurance, in case of an accident or damage to your vehicle – this is a big one, many years ago, there was a window tinting business who took a vehicle for a drive to recharge the vehicle’s battery, he ended up in a major car accident, writing off the vehicle, unfortunately for the client there was no insurance and the window tinting business went bankrupt, and was an ongoing battle for the client.  It is scary to think of but it is a factor you must put in when you are choosing your window tinter.

Step 5: Have a search on social media, is their Facebook page engaged and active, do they have above 4.9 stars for reviews, is there any negative posts on their wall. This is my favourite way to do research, you get to see I guess a more natural view of the business and their interactions with clients.

I have seen all too often people who have been stung by “fly by night” window tinters who throw an ad in the paper or gumtree catch all these customers using cheap prices, 6 months later we are seeing these customers for removal and retints because they are unable to locate or find the window tinter who tinted their vehicles, and it is unfortunately a part of our industry that is shameful however I find it to be a great motivator to educate people on how to find a legitimate window tinting business.

If you have any further questions or would like to pick my brain on finding a legitimate business feel free to email me at lisa@trublutint.com.au

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lisa Warner; What my story has taught me about success.

“Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it”.
I am often asked, why I am in the Window Tinting industry and how I got to where I am and the answer is quite simple, I knew from quite young age I was meant to follow the beat to my own drum, and I was never one to conform, I was the teenager sneaking out the bedroom window. I ended up leaving home and school at 15 and began following a bumpy path until I delved deeply into a Medical Receptionist traineeship role.
I was also the semi-serious girl who although would party and stay up with rest of them to the wee hours as a teenager and in my early 20’s, I was always the one making sure everyone was OK, so working in the medical industry was not a massive leap from my nature.
I am lucky and thankful to have met Truman at a stage of my life where I was looking for an adventure and something to challenge myself, Truman allowed me the ability to grow and achieve what I never thought was possible.  
We had both seen some dodgy actions by the other tint shops Truman was working for, so we decided to venture out and do our own thing, but promised each other to always bring the core value of integrity to our business daily.
In the years that have followed, we have been able to build a successful business around his passion, amazing talent and work ethic, which in turn lit a deep passion of my own, I have gone on to study marketing and social media further lighting that passion.
I come across people with many of the same concerns, they are either too hot in their vehicle or home, worried about cancer causing UV Rays or safety for their families, I am fortunate to be aligned with an amazing film manufacturer Hanita, who with their products allow my team to give the best to our clients, their films have great warranties and are always developing better technologies.  My clients know when they come to me they are going to get a great product and service.
I am a strong believer in the customer experience, and ensure all our staff are trained to keep our core values and customers at the forefront.  It is the best part of my day when I hear a great review or feedback about one of my staff members.
Success to me, is something I wake up each day and live, I have the freedom to work my own hours, the freedom to make choices, the freedom to delegate my workload and financial freedom.
If you would like to chat further about success over a coffee or experience the coolness of Window Tinting feel free to call 0426298037.

Friday, 20 March 2015

3 Tips to maintain your Car Door Magnets

Car Door Magnets

:Tip: Remove your car door magnets every week and wash with a gentle soap .

I know some of my fellow business owners, and the customers I have supplied magnets for, forget sometimes that although yes using removal magnets for vehicle advertising is a cheap and effective form of advertising however there is there is a major pitfall that no one tells you about, THEY BREAKDOWN AND MELT TO YOUR VEHICLE!!!

So I'm going to tell you a couple ways to avoid it.

Firstly and the most effective way to avoid the breakdown of your door Magnets is to remove the magnets weekly preferably but no longer than every two week and wash the magnets with a light soapy water.  (dishwashing liquid is fine to use on your vehicle)

Secondly put some vinyl wrap behind the magnet (magnet will still work)to stop it from sticking to the car as the magnet breaks down, however although effective you should still pull it off
regularly to make sure there is no discolouration on the paint surface especially during wet
weather, if some water gets trapped behind the sign it will boil on the car and can sometimes stain the paint.

And thirdly my favourite way is if you know exactly where the sign is staying lay some quality vinyl (use Brands Such as 3M and Avery) down onto the car it will protect the painted surface and you can remove it without damaging the paint at all.  I recommend watching a Youtube video on how to lay down the vinyl without causing bubbles or employ an experienced installer, my business charges approx $20 for installation.

I hope you have enjoyed this TIP - Car Door Magnets

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Media Release Trublutint

As part of my business course I was required to write and publish a media release -- here it is :) 

Tint It, Wrap It, Protect It     
Contact: Lisa Warner
1/10 Boron Street
Sumner Park Q 4074
Phone: 0426 298 037
Email: lisa@trublutint.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/trublutintqld
Media Release
3rd March 2015
Window Tinting Not Just for Cars
Lisa Warner heard far too many horror stories from her partner Truman's workplace, that she decided to start their own Window Tinting business with the main focus on customer service and integrity, something she felt was truly lacking in other tint shops. 
 While pregnant with their first Child and being ordered to bed rest, Lisa used this time to research the market, find the best film suppliers and come up with the all important name Trublutint, named to represent her partner Truman, his favourite colour blue and of course what they did. 
The business began primarily marketing to car owners but soon shifted to include homes and commerical propeties, with many add-on services included in the business structure. 

“I wanted to make Trublutint the go to business for all things Window Tinting and After-market for your car, I am incredibly proud of the business we have built and cannot wait to see what the next 5 years is going to bring us.  Hardwork, sweat and some tears has certainly played a major roll in our business as we maintained our intregrity throughout the years“  - Lisa Warner, Owner Trublutint

A standard sedan Window Tint costs between $249-$449, there is no "standard" sized home however prices from $59 a square meter. 
Please contact: Lisa Warner for Further information.
High Res Photos available on request 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Trust Award Nomination Trublutint

We are very excited here at TRUBLUTINT, we have been nominated for an award! 'Most Trusted Customer Service' at The Australian Trust Awards 2015.
"The Australian Trust Awards is a celebration of the most trusted, respected, and loved businesses in Australia - voted for by the public, these are the companies you know you can trust."

Please go to http://www.thetrustawards.com/companies/trublutint/ and click VOTE for TRUBLUTINT

If you’d like to support Trublutint with this honoured award, please go to the link click ‘Vote now’.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to vote. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future :) 

^^ Public Announcement... How bloody exciting right!! 
 Truman and I were over the moon just to be nominated as
 customer service is something we truly strive to deliver each
 and every time, owning your own business can be a very 
lonely place sometimes and it is amazing to be recognised by 
being nominated for this awesome award :)