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This will be a blog written by both Truman and Lisa from Trublutint, We are a family owned business based in Brisbane we have built up a reputation for the highest quality workmanship in window tinting, vinyl wrapping and aftermarket. We have an amazing social following although word of mouth is our best and strongest form of advertising . We offer free Quotes and advice. Our business is growing rapidly. We thrive on delivering the individual needs of every customer and unlike other tinting business's we are servicing Brisbane YEAR round. We believe that delivering a good service, catering to your individual needs will not only keep you happy but satisfied and confident with our product and services. Honesty, integrity, high quality and competitive price- they are the core values we have built our family business around. We stand behind all of the products we sell and continue to support grass roots motorsports through our sponsorship program.

Monday, 2 September 2013

S15 Wrap Up

S15 uniquely wrapped by Trublutint AutoStyling.  Yep that's us!  Best way to sum up this wrap is by calling it a challenge, to begin with gel coated front and rear bar added a few days worth of sanding and NOONE likes sanding lol

Shamren rocking it in her freshly wrapped S15 
Downshift unveiling. Photo by Down Low Performance.
Even the panda couldn't stay away :P massive thanks once again to Justin from Flyin Pand4 Industries. 
Before photo just to show how large of a transformation DO53 underwent. 

Some thank you's to firstly Shamren for allowing us free reign with her vehicle.  Jack, Adric, Brendan and Justin for their help and support during the wrap :) 

#paintisdead #layednotsprayed 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Vinyl Wrapping

Why not push the boundaries and think outside the box when it comes to your vinyl wrap?

With hundreds of options out there the hardest part is picking your colour of vinyl whether that is 3M, Avery or Hexis branded film and if you want any additional extras like inside the door jams - a lot to think about!

Get that unique look at Trublutint Autostyling #vinylwrap #Brisbane #avery #3M #hexis #paintisdead 

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Friday, 10 May 2013

TruBluTint Repayment Plans

Trublutint Autostyling Repayment Plans In a nutshell:

For Window Tinting it is $100 on day of tint with the remainder going on the repayment plan.

For Vinyl Wrapping it is 50% deposit prior to commencement with the remainder going on the repayment plan.

For Flat Glass (home & office) it is 30% deposit prior to commencement with the remainder going on the repayment plan.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

May Monthly Special

We at Trublutint have been trying to come up with some exciting monthly specials and to kick off we are offering 15% off Window Tinting for the month of May!

MAY 2013 Special - Not available with any other offer. 15% off total price. Instore (1/10 Boron Street, Sumner Park) bookings only- Subject to availability must mention offer when booking. Standard Sedan Retail price $330 Four wheel drives and wagons will incur an additional $50 surcharge and small Trucks will incur an additional $75 surcharge (if your vehicle is not listed please contact for quote) Vehicles which already have a tint will incur a $50 tint removal charge Prices quoted above are for the darkest legal tint available for your car, darker tint is available at an additional cost

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Guns n Roses review

My review. Of the Rose Tattoo, ZZ Top and Guns n Roses concert. Brisbane 20th March 2013. By Lisa Warner

To start with Brisbane Entertainment Center should be very proud of the staff they hire especially the ushers who were constantly on the move the entire show. - however the VERY expensive drinks and the wastage of bottles will remain a negative.

Rose Tattoo as always was fantastic, I didnt know any of the songs but I was foot tapping along.

ZZ Top My god!! These guys are amazing live, they sound exactly like their album. It was sad to see the arthritis beginning in their hands and could imagine the pain they were in and I hope they pick up some EMU oil while in Australia

Now to the headliner.. Guns n roses aka the axl rose show. For some reason the volume went up a big notch which just made everything distorted. The first 5 songs were to be honest terrible, axl lost his place, lost his breath and just looked awkward throughout the songs. But then Sweet Child of Mine started and the audience erupted and so did axl he I guess perked up and really performed hard, and that same level of enthusiasm continued for the remainder of the show.

One issue... What the hell is the go with running off to the "dressing room" 5or more times DURING a song? A slight costume change of hat change, shirt tucked, shirt untucked - perplexing and kinda weird.

I loved the fact he through his whistle and mic into the crowd - awesome

To wrap it up, I was pleasantly surprised by the entire night and from
Start to finish was a great night out with my dad.