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This will be a blog written by both Truman and Lisa from Trublutint, We are a family owned business based in Brisbane we have built up a reputation for the highest quality workmanship in window tinting, vinyl wrapping and aftermarket. We have an amazing social following although word of mouth is our best and strongest form of advertising . We offer free Quotes and advice. Our business is growing rapidly. We thrive on delivering the individual needs of every customer and unlike other tinting business's we are servicing Brisbane YEAR round. We believe that delivering a good service, catering to your individual needs will not only keep you happy but satisfied and confident with our product and services. Honesty, integrity, high quality and competitive price- they are the core values we have built our family business around. We stand behind all of the products we sell and continue to support grass roots motorsports through our sponsorship program.

Monday, 2 September 2013

S15 Wrap Up

S15 uniquely wrapped by Trublutint AutoStyling.  Yep that's us!  Best way to sum up this wrap is by calling it a challenge, to begin with gel coated front and rear bar added a few days worth of sanding and NOONE likes sanding lol

Shamren rocking it in her freshly wrapped S15 
Downshift unveiling. Photo by Down Low Performance.
Even the panda couldn't stay away :P massive thanks once again to Justin from Flyin Pand4 Industries. 
Before photo just to show how large of a transformation DO53 underwent. 

Some thank you's to firstly Shamren for allowing us free reign with her vehicle.  Jack, Adric, Brendan and Justin for their help and support during the wrap :) 

#paintisdead #layednotsprayed