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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Guns n Roses review

My review. Of the Rose Tattoo, ZZ Top and Guns n Roses concert. Brisbane 20th March 2013. By Lisa Warner

To start with Brisbane Entertainment Center should be very proud of the staff they hire especially the ushers who were constantly on the move the entire show. - however the VERY expensive drinks and the wastage of bottles will remain a negative.

Rose Tattoo as always was fantastic, I didnt know any of the songs but I was foot tapping along.

ZZ Top My god!! These guys are amazing live, they sound exactly like their album. It was sad to see the arthritis beginning in their hands and could imagine the pain they were in and I hope they pick up some EMU oil while in Australia

Now to the headliner.. Guns n roses aka the axl rose show. For some reason the volume went up a big notch which just made everything distorted. The first 5 songs were to be honest terrible, axl lost his place, lost his breath and just looked awkward throughout the songs. But then Sweet Child of Mine started and the audience erupted and so did axl he I guess perked up and really performed hard, and that same level of enthusiasm continued for the remainder of the show.

One issue... What the hell is the go with running off to the "dressing room" 5or more times DURING a song? A slight costume change of hat change, shirt tucked, shirt untucked - perplexing and kinda weird.

I loved the fact he through his whistle and mic into the crowd - awesome

To wrap it up, I was pleasantly surprised by the entire night and from
Start to finish was a great night out with my dad.