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This will be a blog written by both Truman and Lisa from Trublutint, We are a family owned business based in Brisbane we have built up a reputation for the highest quality workmanship in window tinting, vinyl wrapping and aftermarket. We have an amazing social following although word of mouth is our best and strongest form of advertising . We offer free Quotes and advice. Our business is growing rapidly. We thrive on delivering the individual needs of every customer and unlike other tinting business's we are servicing Brisbane YEAR round. We believe that delivering a good service, catering to your individual needs will not only keep you happy but satisfied and confident with our product and services. Honesty, integrity, high quality and competitive price- they are the core values we have built our family business around. We stand behind all of the products we sell and continue to support grass roots motorsports through our sponsorship program.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Trublutint Window Tinting

Home Window Tinting Or Commercial Tint

Car window tinting can help keep you and your car cool by tinting the windows for looks or UV performance. As well as car window tinting, Trublutint Window Tinting provide window tinting for home and office as well. Makes finding local window tinting easy, helping you find what is best for your vehicle, home, or business. Trublutint Window Tinting is the premiere window and car tinting business for commercial, residential and auto window tints. The more windows there are in your home or building, the greater the benefits of installing window film. Security window tinting film is much stronger than the popular solar window tinting film utilized on cars, house or office.

Energy Saving Window Films

Window films can save you money and the environment by making your home more energy efficient. With energy controlled window films up to 79% of solar energy is blocked from entering the home or office. With window films you can increase your energy efficiency, improve your environment while lowering cooling costs, and maintain a more comfortable and productive area. The less energy you need to cool and heat your home means a smaller energy bill. Glass tinting for your home or office is one of the best ways to reduce energy expenses. You can reduce the heat in your home, office substantially.

Stained Glass Effect Window Film

A variety of window films and security window film and safety window films are available to hold glass together in the case of a break in. Window film binds the window together, so in the case of an accident it will actually hold most of the glass intact, even if the window shatters. Exterior window film, for the most part, looks and feels the same as interior window film. Armorcoat window films help to hold window glass in place, if shattered. Most window films are applied to the inside glass surface of a window. In cases where the window glass surface has a curvature, there is a need for extreme care to mate the flat surface of the film with the window glass successfully.

Security And Safety Window Films

One of the most common usage of window films is to add privacy. Whether your purpose is privacy, style or both, their decorative films have you covered. Decorative window films can add a personal input to privacy and style. Privacy may be important to you and window films allowed you to block off unwanted view and offers privacy. You can have privacy, and still have a view of the rest of the world. Privacy film for flat-glass commercial and residential applications may be silvered, offering an unimpeded view from the low-light side but virtually no view from the high-light side.

Simple Clear Privacy Decorative Window Film

Simple clear privacy decorative window film can add privacy to any window or piece of glass in your home. A beautiful alternative to blinds for privacy, see Decorative Films, Trublutint provides decorative window film, stained glass window film, window privacy film, and frosted glass films. Whether you are looking for decorative window film, security window film, window privacy films or another application there are numerous benefits to enjoy. Ice Frost decorative window film is a great privacy window film that adds a pattern to your window to look like ice has frozen to the glass. Trublutint Window Tinting offers a variety of decorative window films, frosted window films, privacy window films and one way window films for your home or office. A beautiful alternative to blinds for privacy.

Stained Or Frosted Glass Windows

Film on frosted glass is a fraction of the cost of actual sandblasted frosted glass. There are films made to look like professional glass etchings, stained glass windows, frosted glass and much more. Frosted glass and etched glass can be very expensive and impractical to use. Decorative window film is less expensive than frosted, etched or stained glass. You may try out stained glass effect window film if you like stained glass and colored glass design. Even if you prefer to use frosted glass film design, you can still choose many patterns that create etched glass effect.

Self Adhesive Window Films

Artscape films are easily applied to any smooth glass surface. Adhesive-free window films are by far the more convenient one as it can easily stick to glass surface and easy to remove when it is time to redecorate. There are two basic types of decorative films, adhesive-based polyester films, and adhesive-free static-vinyl films. Adhesive films are the more difficult of the two types to install and are best applied by an experienced window film installer. There are some significant drawbacks to static cling decorative window film compared to conventional DIY window tinting films. To remove the glass film, you just need to peel off the glass film.

A Fraction Of The Cost Of Etched Glass

Decorative films are applied to glass creating a beautiful etched glass appearance without the etched glass cost. Decorative films are a cost effective, versatile alternative to the traditional method of acid etched patterned glass. Light is dispersed softly, rendering a tranquil atmosphere, which reproduces a beautiful etched-glass appearance not typically found in window films. The window stays put, and just the film is replaced, at a fraction of the cost. Decorative window films can provide the same look as expensive etched glass at a fraction of the cost of laminated panels, patterned or sand blasted glass. Etched glass just adds originality to your home, but etched glass can be expensive and hard to find.

Varying Levels Of Privacy And Light Reduction

Decorative Window Film provides privacy while allowing natural light to enter the room. Skylights are designed to let in natural light and to give an open feel to a room, but too much sun can make the space uncomfortably bright and hot. Frosted privacy film is translucent, meaning light will still enter in the daytime, but from the outside no one will see in. Decorative window film lets in light while still offering privacy. Ideal for almost any application, frosted window film ensures privacy without sacrificing natural light. Depending upon the decorative pattern chosen, window film may provide total 24-hour privacy, or semi-privacy, allowing you to see out while obscuring views in.

Automotive Window Tinting And Film Application

Home window tinting adds sun control and privacy to your home without sacrificing style. Trublu Tint specialises in commercial window tinting, residential window tinting, whether it be commercial, domestic, automotive or marine. Whether you need window tinting for your vehicle, home, or business Trublutint has the right window tint for you. Window Tinting Brisbane are able to assist you with your office window tinting requirements.  Trublutint have over 10 years of personal experience and provides first class window tinting for your vehicle, home or office.