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Monday, 2 June 2014

EuroMeet 30/5/14

Hey Guys,

I got invited by James Whimp to go to an Euro only meet (Eurononymus) The afternoon started with me waiting for James to get himself ready (high maintenance much), As I don't have a euro car (300zx or Jeep) I hitched a ride in his VW R36 Passat (was secretly surprised about how quick the gear changes are on a 2010 auto).

We headed out to the Centenary Car Wash where James and I met with the two owners. We talked about how the car wash centre came about, from its conceptual idea to how it then became their super plan to how much work actually goes into making an elevated platform, 8 meters above-ground to make a level area its mind boggling really. The view over Sumner is amazing, you can see over the whole industrial area and way out to the distance, (I can even spy the roof of my workshop in Boron St) I totally recommend everyone checks it out.

We were shown the setup behind the screen door and just how advanced it is behind there everything from the water softener to the heater and all the piping and electronics and my favourite bit the multicolour foaming agents that give that awesome rainbow affect you see they really have gone to the extreme with car cleaning and have a real passion for it have a chat to them when your there about it.

We had a nice array of cars meet up at Centenary Car Wash everything from VW's to BMW's which were all nicely dressed and looking the part. We were told we had to wait a few minutes by James as we had one last guy coming and he wont be far off and we also had to wait for him to clean his car.... Collectively the sighs were heard WE WERE NOT IMPRESSED... Then he rocked up and he was very promptly forgiven... But seriously how can you stay mad at a guy that rocks up in a McLaren especially when its not often you get to cruise with a new McLaren.  It is a nice car and I completely can understand the hype but its definitely no Dodge Viper ;-P

We left Centenary Car Wash at about 1930 and had some fun with the McLaren even "raced it"! the Passat won to 60 kmph, (Jay in the McLaren was behind us when we started and he didn't know we were racing but we still won lol) We arrived at Calamvale undercover car park and rolled in looking fly as we usually do :P.

I was a nice small event maybe 50-60 cars it was romantic in its purist form nothing molested (except for Maice's laser) everything was waxed, chrome was dressed, paint polished and the ladies (cars) were there to impress there were some nice Auto-mobiles from Minis to Golfs and Combi vans to Fiat cup cars.

We were there for about an hour or so and everyone did what they usually do after a meet and headed off "home" Very few things surpasses the feel of having a night out with the people that get you, in the scene that you live for.  Some say we need to grow up and be serious with our life get a hobby like golf or bowling.
If you hear that, don't get mad at them don't even react just say I am sorry for you, sorry that you have never experienced the deep deep love and pleasure of restoring something from what was considered trash and crafted, sweated, toiled over that thing until it became what you saw it as. When you first found it discarded by someone else. I am truly sorry you don't have the deep joy and sense of accomplishment knowing there is no other like it in the world with that story.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings thoughts and experiences
shiny side up guys...

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