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Thursday, 19 January 2017

5 Steps to narrowing down the best Window Tinter

5 Steps to narrowing down the best window tinter

When it comes to choosing a window tinter for your vehicle or home there are some very easy steps you can do to make sure you are getting a professional installer.

As a female in the industry I think I am a little more protective and vigilant about learning all about our the industry and the best friend you will ever have is google, yes! I GOOGLE everything.  Although Window Film is a retrofit item that can be removed, it is best to get the best the first time around to save the time and hassle of getting it retinted. So here I have some steps to help you make the right choice, of course this post is for those unable to get our services of course lol.

Step 1: Google the business name and see what comes up, are there any reviews, you can search just the business name or business name reviews which can come up with some results.  This might also give you the opportunity to see some images of past work and a chance to check any bad reviews.

Step 2: Put in their phone number into the search bar, you can also use a reverse number website such as reverseaustralia – you just simply put in the tinters phone number and sometimes it comes up with reviews others have left, Google is a great way of weeding out those short stay “Fly by Night” tinters.

Step 3: Go to http://abr.business.gov.au/ to look up their ABN – Always make sure the business has an ABN

Step 4: Ask if they have liability insurance, in case of an accident or damage to your vehicle – this is a big one, many years ago, there was a window tinting business who took a vehicle for a drive to recharge the vehicle’s battery, he ended up in a major car accident, writing off the vehicle, unfortunately for the client there was no insurance and the window tinting business went bankrupt, and was an ongoing battle for the client.  It is scary to think of but it is a factor you must put in when you are choosing your window tinter.

Step 5: Have a search on social media, is their Facebook page engaged and active, do they have above 4.9 stars for reviews, is there any negative posts on their wall. This is my favourite way to do research, you get to see I guess a more natural view of the business and their interactions with clients.

I have seen all too often people who have been stung by “fly by night” window tinters who throw an ad in the paper or gumtree catch all these customers using cheap prices, 6 months later we are seeing these customers for removal and retints because they are unable to locate or find the window tinter who tinted their vehicles, and it is unfortunately a part of our industry that is shameful however I find it to be a great motivator to educate people on how to find a legitimate window tinting business.

If you have any further questions or would like to pick my brain on finding a legitimate business feel free to email me at lisa@trublutint.com.au

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