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This will be a blog written by both Truman and Lisa from Trublutint, We are a family owned business based in Brisbane we have built up a reputation for the highest quality workmanship in window tinting, vinyl wrapping and aftermarket. We have an amazing social following although word of mouth is our best and strongest form of advertising . We offer free Quotes and advice. Our business is growing rapidly. We thrive on delivering the individual needs of every customer and unlike other tinting business's we are servicing Brisbane YEAR round. We believe that delivering a good service, catering to your individual needs will not only keep you happy but satisfied and confident with our product and services. Honesty, integrity, high quality and competitive price- they are the core values we have built our family business around. We stand behind all of the products we sell and continue to support grass roots motorsports through our sponsorship program.

Monday, 31 December 2012

The Curse of the Trublutint Cars

The curse of the Trublutint Cars

2012 ended with a bang but to add just to our bad luck with cars, in March 2012 our family car AU wagon was set on fire in our drive way at home and then in August 2012 our outback did a big end bearing requiring a rebuild we then bought Lisa's dream car a 1989 Toyota Celsior (LS400) however on December 21st it was the end of the world for Miss SS Celsior, after losing traction in the wet at the lights, and then losing complete control of the car and ending up hitting a pole and fence in the process the car ended up a write off.... What will 2013 bring for the Trublutint Family - here's hoping a car that lasts the year lol

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